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Open Soul Audio

Logic Pro X: The Everything Bundle

Logic Pro X: The Everything Bundle

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🎼 Bring your tracks to life 🎼

with the Logic Pro X Bundle from Open Soul

This bundle is the ultimate collection of presets and templates to help you produce and mix your tracks like a pro!


✈️ Save countless hours ✈️

Level up your production workflow with dynamic project templates, pro vocal chain presets, and hard-hitting drum bus presets.

By streamlining your workflow with professional presets, you'll be able to spend your time on what really matters - your art!


📀 Sound professional 📀

By starting with a pro-level mix already set up on every project, you'll be ready to produce music that's crisp, creative, and tastefully loud, every time.


🌟 Endless Creative Inspiration 🌟

Spark your creativity with 150+ innovative synth presets and drum sounds, perfect for all genres and artistic styles!


📥 200+ presets included 📥

  • Project Templates [5]
  • Vocal Chains [15]
  • Drum Bus Presets [15]
  • Instrument Channel Strip Presets [10]
  • Bass Effect Presets [5]
  • Original Drum Synth Sounds [83]
  • Unique ES P Synth Presets [71]



* To use the Everything Bundle you will need to already own Logic Pro X *

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Mark K (aka Stellar Mammals)
Unleash Creative Mastery + Elevate Your Music Production Game

This package INSTANTLY up-ed my music production game in Logic Pro X. I recently started using Logic Pro X for a new music production project, and unlike Ableton Live where I normally do my work, I felt like I was lacking in professional level, ready-to-use presets. This package from Open Soul Instrumentals was an absolute game-changer, and I couldn't be more thrilled with the results.

First off, it's a comprehensive package meaning it gives me a great starting point for vocals, synths, piano and live recored instruments like Guitar and Bass. It allows me to quickly tweak for my exact needs and sound I have in my head. And it sounds great!

This has really streamlined my workflow in Logic Pro X. With a wide range of project templates, vocal chain presets, and drum bus presets, I have saved countless hours of tedious setup time. It's a joy to dive straight into the creative process, knowing that I have a solid foundation to build upon. This efficient workflow has given me more time to focus on the music itself, unleashing my true creative potential.

Second, the bundle provides a treasure trove of sonic inspiration with tons of synth presets and drum sounds. These presets cover a vast range of styles and genres, ensuring that I have a plethora of creative options at my fingertips.

As someone who has bought tons of samples and preset packages, I can't recommend this bundle enough. It's incredible value for what you get!

Jacob Shamberger
Transformed how I produce music

Honestly, I recently started trying to learn how to produce and it’s so much tougher than I imagined.

There are so many intricacies that determine how a mix sounds by the time you finish a track. Honestly, even understanding how to get inspired when you open a session so you can instantly start creating…

These templates were a craaaazy hack for me to achieve a better mix and make more music. Took so much of the stress out of creating. Would 10/10 recommend to anyone thats learning or looking to improve their workflows in Logic. I mean how many people take the time to build the perfect template!